Promo Banner
Music Video Intro
Another Promo Banner
Brian and Johnny cut1
Men in Blue suits
The Star
Brian Joo looking somber and serious for his role
Getting ready for his scene, not so serious!
Our youngest star of the set who would go on to sing the english version of the Shark song
Break Time
Break Time
Getting cool air in the van
Production Set up
Ready Set Action
Golden Hour
This was the final cut of our music video before the sun goes down
Aaron the Umbrella Man
He was much more than that, but he was willing to do anything to make things right
Hopping on Brian's bike to get a photo
Ice Cream
taking in dessert on another day of catching up
The Producers
Rocky Jo the Music Video Producer, Bobby the Album Producer, and Johnny the Executive Producer all meeting for a meal and the make final wrap ups to the I STAND Music Video
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