Johnny Lee: Founder

Johnny Lee is founder and exexutive producer of 3RD WAVE projects.


He has made songs for Siwon of Super Junior and had many different artist sing his songs such as Van Ness Wu, Hye Lim Woo, Alexander Eusebio, etc.





Brian Joo: Artist

Brian is from New Jersey and has been in the spotlight of the Korean Pop culture.  He is a musically gifted singer who was scouted and picked as a teen idol for the group “Fly to the Sky”.  Over the last 13+ years he hit the K-Pop charts with songs that moved the hearts of millions.  Brian’s popularity grew and his face has been seen in Korea, Japan, and China through music and on TV shows.   His recent come back with Fly to the Sky has put him at the top of the charts.


3RD WAVE is a charity project that Brian works with as time allows.


J.H. Oh: Music Director

J.H. Oh is one of the most well known bassist in Korea.  He has played for the top session bassists in Korea and is credited on albums for the last 20 years.  J.H. Oh played an integral role in 2001 in forming the beginning of 3RD WAVE by arranging and composing many of the songs of 3RD WAVE.



G.S. Park: Drummer

Gae Soo Park has been a top drummer in Korea. But at his heart he started his drumming roots in worship.  Going back to what he loved most he joined 3RD WAVE to use his skills to make music that would help people come closer to God.


He has played for famous groups such as Girls Generations and continues to play for top artists!

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