Siwon, Brian, and 3RD WAVE Helps Build a School in Africa from CD sales!

Donation to Africa


Seoul, South Korea - 3RD WAVE music’s guest artist, Choi Siwon of Korea’s number one boyband, Super Junior, through his fans from all over the world, has helped raise US$6500 for West Africa. Siwon brought awareness to the cause on his birthday, encouraging his fans to directly donate or purchase 3RD WAVE’s “IGNITE: 1040” album on his birthday, with proceeds given to Africa.

3RD WAVE, explains that the goal is to raise over US$10,000. Through Brian and Siwon's effort we were able to raise more than 10k to help build a school in Africa. Brian Joo, who is the lead vocalist of the 3RD WAVE projects, believes Siwon’s involvement is a great positivity to those who need it. Brian shares, “I never regret being able to help out others, and this is more than a dream come true that I can really help those in need."

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